Garmin Watches

It's hard to overstate the value of having performance and navigation information on your wrist while you're racing.

Every moment that you're not concentrating on getting the most out of your boat and getting ahead of your competition detracts from your performance, so having the information you need right on your wrist is truly a game changer.

No more messing with hand-held devices.

No more moving around the boat to get to the console or dedicating someone to call out numbers.

No need for expensive instruments or displays.

It's all on your wrist, and it can be on the wrist of every crew member.

When you're not racing, navigation, speed, time to the next waypoint are all useful whenever you're on the water.

Sail on a variety of boats or sail dinghies ?

Your instruments are always with you.

Doing tuning runs to see what's fastest ?

Easily compare completion times for the last 2 runs.

  • Speed over ground

  • Upwind / Downwind VMG

  • Velocity along the Rhumb line (VMC)

  • Velocity toward the mark (VTM)

  • Angle to the mark

  • Time to the mark

  • Bearing & Distance to the mark

  • Lifts & Headers

  • Tacking angles

  • Track Recording

  • 5,4,1 start timer

  • Time of day start timer

  • Practice start timer

  • Finish time capture

  • Race duration timing

  • Current location Lat / Lon

  • Save current location as a mark

  • Last race finish time and duration (compare practice runs)

Unlike your phone or the Apple Watch, these devices run a really long time on a single charge. I charge mine about once a week.

If you don't have a Garmin watch take a look at the Forerunner 55, Forerunner 245, Forerunner 245 Music. These are inexpensive watches that run Sail2WINTM. For a full list of supported watches go to the Garmin App Store and click on compatible devices. Currently supporting more than 70 models of watches by Garmin.

Demo Mode - Sail2WINTM is almost fully functional for 20 minutes in Demo mode. After 20 minutes most data becomes unavailable. Demo mode does not record your track. You can use Demo mode 5 times before you'll need a FREE Trial Key or a Subscription Key.

FREE Trial - For a fully functional 30 day free trial, please see the Registration Tutorial Video see instructions in the User's Guide or instructions at the Garmin App store.

Subscriptions - To subscribe see instructions in the User's Guide or at the Garmin App store. Subscriptions are $35/yr.

Please check out the User's Guide, Video Tutorial and the Registration Tutorial Video.