New Owners

Personal, on board coaching and instruction is by far the quickest way to gain essential knowledge and skills so that each time you go sailing, you go with confidence, and have fun.

Instruction and coaching on your boat for you and your partner, or the whole family, will make it WAY more fun for everyone.

I can help you build your skills and confidence in such areas as

  • Motoring & docking

  • Sail handling & sail trim

  • Reefing & sailing in heavy weather

  • Crew Overboard Recovery practice & options

  • Rules of the road

  • Anchoring

  • Chart reading & navigation

  • Tides & currents & weather

  • Boat systems

All are important to enjoying safe, fun, stress free time on the water.

Building skills and confidence quickly with your new boat will enhance your safety and enjoyment, and the safety and enjoyment of your family and friends.