My basic rate is $85/hr with a 2 hour minimum.

This rate applies when I'm working with a single student.

When I work with multiple students I add $20/hr for each additional student, so the per person charges are:

1 person = $85/hr

2 people = $52.50/hr per person

3 people = $41.60/hr per person

When working at marinas that are more than 10 miles from San Mateo, travel time will be charged at $65/hr.

Compare this with Sailing School Rates:

2021 rates at one local sailing school are:

On your boat:

$105/hr plus $25/hr per additional person:

1 person = $105/hr

2 people = $65/hr per person

On their boats:

$131-$194/hr depending on the boat and day of the week, +25/hr per additional person.

Please Note:

If you don't own a boat, please contact a local sailing school for instruction.

Modern Sailing in Sausalito

Club Nautique in Sausalito and Alameda

Spinnaker Sailing in Redwood City