Couples and Families

Sailing is WAY more fun when everyone is involved. Couples and Families get to share the joys and challenges of sailing as a team, with all of the satisfaction that that brings.

Besides being WAY more fun, building skills together makes sailing together SAFER. If one of you is busy taking care of something, or gets hurt or sick, others will know how to sail the boat safely.

The teamwork required to sail a boat well provides an opportunity for couples and families to work as a team. Corporations pay serious money for the benefits that team building events on sailboats produce, and your family can enjoy those benefits. Here are just a few:

  • It's a FUN bonding experience between team members

  • Improved cooperation

  • Improved communication

  • Improved understanding between members

  • Each member learns every job on the boat.

  • Members learn to appreciate each others' strengths

  • Each member gets to shine in his/her own way

Increase FUN and SAFETY with training for your partner or your whole family. It's an investment in your relationships, and an investment in a lifetime of SAFE FUN.

And... Couples training can re-kindle that spark in your relationship. Understanding, cooperation, teamwork, clear communication and mutual respect are all contributors to a solid relationship, and they can all be improved by learning to work together on your boat.